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I still can’t believe that I’m moving back to Spain next month! When I returned from studying abroad there over two years ago, I knew I would go back and live there again, but I had no idea that it would happen so soon and in this way. I am scared out of my mind, but I have always said that if it’s the scariest option, it’s probably the best one. I am finally putting into practice the things that I promote to others — go out into the world, explore, don’t waste a minute being unhappy, do what you love, it’s your life, you’ve got to live it how you want to, and many other things of this nature. I can finally stop kicking myself for wanting other to do these things, while I stayed hidden away with my fears, not doing them myself. They hypocrite has left the building!! I hope that you can be inspired to do the same! Do what you love, where your passion lies, and make the most of your life! Don’t wait until you’re old and begin to have regrets, do things now, so when you look back, you have complete satisfaction.